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Merchandise and Rentals 


Infared Sauna

By reservation Only 

Enjoy an Infrared Sauna Experience

$30/session, 10 pack for $200 and $250 for Monthly unlimited. 

10% Discount for Auto-Pay Members.

Check it out! 



A kickboxing must! For your convenience, we have on-site wraps available for purchase. 


Wraps to purchase $15

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 5.31.48 PM.png


Water, Juice and Snacks


Nothing like forgetting your water or replenishing your body after a solid workout. Why not purchase one of our water bottles, juice or healthy snack and relax on our outdoor patio.

Juices & protein drinks up to $8.00


Yoga Mat Rental

Our Stretch classes require Yoga mats, but if you are just trying out the class, forgot your mat or traveling we have you covered.  We have mats for rent and for purchase. 


Mat rental: $2


Boxing Gloves

Kickboxing essentials are wraps and gloves.  We understand that when traveling or trying out a class, bringing or purchasing gloves may not be the most economical choice.  We have you covered, we rent gloves and we sell them! 


Rental:  $5 

Purchase: $40



We know you love to be styled with the best sportswear and workout gear possible!  Why not show some community spirit and rock one of our custom made T-shirts and Hoodies!   Pricing $15 - $35


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