Kick Boxing and Stretch

Kickboxing with Kim

Kim started her love of fitness at the age of 19.  This native San Pedran spent the 80’s as an aerobic instructor and personal trainer, took are break in the 90’s to raise 4 children, and in 2002 joined a gym only to fall in love with Kickboxing.  A true passion for this type of fitness lead Kim down a path of entrepreneurship, owning and operating Kick’n it with Kim kickboxing classes for the last 9 years.  Kim’s love of fitness combined with her lover for people has been the catapult for launching Harbor Fitness; a place that creates positive changes in body, mind and spirit.  Kim’s classes welcome all ages and fitness levels.  No one leaves without a good sweat and a healthy dose of endorphins. 

M          T          W               W-F       Th        F

5:15a    8:30a    8: 30a     12:00     8:30a  5:15a

            12:00                                 12:00   8:30a

             5:45p                                 6:45p

Kickboxing with Michael

Michael has 6 years of experience instructing health and fitness. Fitness has always been one of his biggest passions in life. He has 15 years of experience in kickboxing and 6 years of it as an instructor. He has also worked and taught TRX classes, HIIT, and Cross Training classes. His goal in life is to teach others how fun and important fitness and health is, and that anyone can improve themselves through hard work and dedication! 

W         Th       F         Sa

5:15a   5:45p  12:00  8:30a

Kickboxing with Nataliee

Nataliee is a Certified Kickboxing Instructor, a Degreed Nutritionist, founder of VIBRANCE Plant-Based Meal Prep, and a San Pedro native. She is extremely passionate about helping people overcome their obstacles and transform their health through her addictive kickboxing classes, health-promoting meal service, and approachable, client-centered nutrition coaching.

M              W                      Sun

  8:30a                              9:30a


  5:45p     5:45p

Stretch with Jackie (flexibility flow)

Jackie Cortez has been teaching stretch and flexibility classes to gymnasts for 4 years. Her ability to increase mobility, enhance range of motion, build flexibility, improve muscle control; and release tension, brings health to people in every walk of life. Whether an avid athlete,  kick boxer, or just someone who needs to fell better, Jackie’s Classes will assist you in your journey to healthy and a better quality of life.

M              W

6:45p       6:45p


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